G-BRCZ8BQJPP MeetsLite Ewallet Banking & Crypto with P2P Exchange, Debit Cards, Payment gateway
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MeetsLite Ewallet Banking & Crypto with P2P Exchange, Debit Cards, Payment gateway

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MeetsLite Neobank, Debit Cards, Wallet, Airtime topup and mobile money, Accounting, Payment Gateway, Merchant services, Business Meetings

Premium Installation for Extended Licese

Add Coinbase Gateway For incoming funds on US versions You can now fund via Crypto and operate a Crypto Debit card.

Start your Neobanking Portal Today.

Only script to provide you with Real Bank Accounts, Real International Debit Cards


  1. Virtual Debit Cards
  2. Crypto Wallet with P2P Exchange and Trade
  3. Buy Crypto with RAMP NETWORK
  4. P2P CryptoTrading secured with Escro Coin Holding
  5. NEW Withdraw to PayPal
  6. NEW Gift / E-vouchers
  7. NEW Agent E-vouchers Agent can now order builk vouchers and in currencies they have balance in
  8. Agent Login
  9. Progress Web Apps for Android & iOS
  10. Instore Multi Currency Printable QR codes.
  11. Virtual Bank Accounts
  12. Your own branded International Virtual Debit Cards
  13. Payment Gateway
  14. Professional Rest API
  15. Donation Buttons, Payment Link, QR Code, Community Page
  16. HYIP Investments
  17. Multi Currency Support (NGN,USD)
  18. Multi-use Wallet
  19. Global Airtime / Mobile Money Topup
  20. Load funds via Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  21. Business Accounts with add on card option.
  22. KYC via Debit card provider.
  23. Merchant services – API, Payment Buttons and QR code payments.
  24. Accounting & Invoicing Features
  25. KUDA Bank virtual accounts.
  26. Real Time FX Trading with Meta Trader 5.
  27. Multi Language Options Powered by Google Translate
  28. 2 Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator App
  29. Enable Disable Services


Admin can create subscription plans and users can subscribe to those with services defined.

You can now run the script as a standalone Money wallet, Crypto Wallet, HYIP Investment platform and disable banking / Card Issuance services

Africa Demo Details

Download Hybrid Android User App

username: business2@xenio.in

password: Abcd4321@

User Frontend: https://africa.xenio.in

username: business2@xenio.in

password: Abcd4321@

Admin: https://africa.xenio.in/admin

username: admin@xenio.in

password: 1234567

Agent Login: https://africa.xenio.in

username: agent@xenio.in

password: Abcd4321@

API Document



username: business2@xenio.in

password: Abcd4321@


US Business Features


  1. Loan Offerings
  2. International Remittances
  3. More Payment Gateway options
  4. Loyalty Programs


Aptopayments.com will need the following information to signup – Click here


UK & Other Countries Features

The Standard UK version is powered by Rapyd. If you need one powered with Weavr.io we have another premium offering. please write to support@xenio.in for details.

  1. 65+ Currency Support
  2. Progress Web Apps for Android & iOS
  3. UK Personal Accounts with real IBAN Numbers
  4. Your own branded International Virtual Debit Cards
  5. Multi-use Wallet
  6. International Remittances
  7. Global Airtime / Mobile Money Topup
  8. Business Accounts with add on card option.
  9. KYC via Debit card provider.
  10. Merchant services – Payment Buttons and QR code payments.
  11. Accounting & Invoicing Features
  12. KUDA Bank virtual accounts.
  13. Real Time FX Trading with Meta Trader 5.
  14. Multi Language Options Powered by Google Translate

UK & Other Countries Demo Details

Frontend: https://omniups.money

username: business1@xenio.in

password: Abcd4321@



  1. Agent Login – Cash Pickup/Drop
  2. Loan Offerings
  3. International Remittances
  4. More Payment Gateway options
  5. Gift Cards
  6. Loyalty Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do we make money on the script?

A: You make money on transaction fees when someone funds their wallet, Card Issuance and in US Script interexchange fees when someone uses their card. For the % of interexchange fees please contact aptopayments.com

2) Are these real cards?

A: Yes there are real cards Virtual or physical based on the region.

3) Who provides the cards and how are they delivered?

A: In US script the virtual and physical cards are provided by Aptopayments and delivered by them. In Africa version virtual cards are provided by Flutterwave. For UK version Rapyd provides the Virtual and physical cards based on user location.

4) What are the operating costs?

A: You need to connect with the API providers for Costs. For US and Africa market, there are no cost for using the API, however you may require some funds to be deposited in your respective funding accounts to cover the cost of issuance of the cards. For US market $500, for Flutterwave $25 or NGN 500. These charges are subject to change by the respective providers.

5) What are the legal requirements?

A: To know the legal requirements of your country, we suggest you contact a local consultant. To get approval on the APIs you would need your business establishment KYB and director KYC documents. You do not need a banking license as the API providers are the actual issuers and you are only a Fintech Platform.

6) Do you have Mobile app?

A: Android and iOS hybrid apps are available to run the PWA’s. Native apps can be developed on request at additional cost. (Minimum $1000-1200 per platform )

7) Can additional payment gateways be added?

A: Yes we can provide customisation support for it.

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