G-BRCZ8BQJPP Your Calendar v1.0 – Universal multi-functional calendar. Team, rental, multipurpose calendar
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Your Calendar v1.0 – Universal multi-functional calendar. Team, rental, multipurpose calendar

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Thanks to the Your Calendar application you can create a calendar that can display absences and meetings of employees in the company, car reservations in rental companies, and even a calendar displaying the exchange rate of gold or moon phases! Decide for yourself what events will be displayed and how they will look, who will have access to them and what exactly will see.

User manual and info:


Demo 1:

An example of using a calendar in a company to display absences, employee busy, booking conference rooms and company cars.


Demo 2:

Calendar at a vehicle rental company.


Demo 3:

Calendar for marking reservations of a photo studio.



For proper operation of the application you need a server that meets the following requirements:
- PHP 7.2
- PHP extension: intl, exif and GD or Imagick, PHP should be compiled with “enable-calendar” directive
- MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.1+ database with InnoDB engine support

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Item details
Version 1.0
Category Android
Release date 2020-02-05
Latest update 2022-03-05
Included files php css html
Compatible browsers chrome
Comments 0
Sales 0
Software php Laravel
Authors FlexPHPeRIA
High resolution Yes
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